This section contains all the documents and information necessary to complete the claim process. You may submit your claim electronically or by mail. These documents may be printed off the Web site, or you may write to the Trust and we will send you the documents that you request.

User Guide

Claim Form

Paper Claim Form (Word)
Paper Claim Form (.pdf)

Claim Checklists

Grade II
Grade I
Serious Asbestosis
Other Cancer
Other Organ Cancer
Lung Cancer

Trust Approved Interrogatories

Abbreviated Interrogatories-Personal Injury
Abbreviated Interrogatories-Wrongful Death

Litigation Declaration

Attorney In Personam Jurisdiction Declaration
Claimant In Personam Jurisdiction Declaration

Traditional Occupation List

Plant Traditional Occupation List

Third Party Disclosure

Third Party Disclosure Policy


Pursuant to Section VII, subsection b, of the Case Valuation Matrix, the site/ship lists may be modified in light of additional evidence or experience with claims processing. However, if a claim is submitted with exposure at a site or on a ship which is subsequently removed from the approved list after the claim was submitted and before it is approved for payment, the claim’s filing fee will be fully refunded.

Site List

Site List (Excel)
Site List (.pdf)

How to Add a Site to the List


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